Recap of the New BuuF GuuF for ADW & Go Launchers

BuuF GuuF – Go & ADWTheme – Market Link

A Full Theme finally released to replace the suspended ADW.BuuF.Theme!

What’s New?

  • Completely reworked
  • Every Icon recreated
  • 11 Colorful Clock Widgets
  • Many more icons themed
  • Fully Supports Go Launcher EX and ADW/EX
  • …much more
Also, check this post on XDA:

ADW.BuuF.Theme has 546,796 total installs and 52,794 people still have it installed. It is OLD and will NEVER be IMPROVED or UPDATED. On September 9th, 2011 I received this message from the Android Market Team:

This is a notification that the application, ADW.BuuF.Theme with package ID org.fractalsystems.buuftheme has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy.

Since then, I have yet to hear back even though I have gone above and beyond to get in touch with someone and find out why the app was suspended in the first place.

New “Extras”

In addition to the main base app BuuF GuuF – Sentient there are three more after the split:

BuuF GuuF – Files

BuuF GuuF - Files screenshot

BuuF GuuF – Folders

BuuF GuuF - Folders screenshot

BuuF GuuF – Stuff

BuuF GuuF - Stuff screenshot

Big BUUF News

“BuuF.Icon.Themes” recently became “BuuF GuuF – Extras” and now it has been split up after growing from 400 icons to well over 1,200.

The base package, that which was BuuF.Icon.Themes is now called:

BuuF GuuF – Sentient

BuuF GuuF - Sentient screenshot

BuuF GuuF – Extras (HD) Released

An HD version for xlargeScreens is now available in the android market:

Android Market Link

This contains all 1,200+ icons available and works on tablet and other xlargeScreen devices.

BuuF GuuF - Extras (HD) screenshot

BUUFed up Chrome

Ubuntu Orange BUUF Theme for Chromium/Chrome

Chrome Web Store Link


BuuF.Icon.Themes RELEASED

BuuF FoldersBuuF Emotes



Wallpapers moved to Website Temporarily!

Forcing me to learn how to code in an online wallpaper browser 🙂


Market ScreenshotMarket Screenshot

BuuF Update

I have created a page BuuF Decisions to help BuuF up ADW.BuuF.Theme!

I’m just finishing up some last minute stuff with the site, but check it out.

The theme itself will probably be another week or so before I’ll post it to market; it will

be far from complete.  I hope the ADW.BuuF.Theme homepage allows for the accumulation

of many apps so when you do install it, it seems complete at least on the app side.

Next: all the system stuff…can’t wait!

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