It begins…

Android here I come.  I have two app ideas and two weeks vacation. Considering I’m a total newb I hope to at least get my feet wet.

Idea #1 – Accomplish the opposite of

using an Android Intent (sharing webpages) to the browser – OAuth Google account chrome plugin.

I can imagine much more with this – sending to other shares and devices, but I am being realistic ;).

Idea #2 – Completely unrealistic, but I am ambitious and excited about the possibilities; a simple Android remote for my Celestron NexStar GoTo Telescope.

My plan is to build up searchable lists – of the planets and their moons, stars, NGC, Messier (hopefully satellites and comets) – and have those sent to the telescope making it GoTo the requested object in the sky.  The way I will attempt this is by communicating the sent Android selections to Stellarium and then the telescope. Luckily Stellarium has gotten support for Celestron and NexStar GoTo telescopes.

Lots of unfortunately’s:

I have not coded Java, XML or virtually anything else; ASCOM has no Linux love; I have not even begun to understand what it takes to communicate with Stellarium; utilize Bluetooth; write a Stellarium-side plugin; I’m already half way through my first week of vacation.

I would love to see the power of Stellarium come to Android somehow or see Google someday opensource their Google SkyMap so I could potentially merge the telescope control with an augmented reality star-finder and gorgeous graphical interface.

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