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  • Ian Reddoch says:

    I love the Paul Davey artwork and icons – I have them all over my Droid and Windows computer, but I just had to factory reset my phone and ADW Launcher (either the free or the EX) doesn’t recognize the new Buff.Icon.Themes. I can’t apply it. I’ve gone piecemeal by downloading the source .png’s, but it’s not the same as having the theme applied. So, just to be clear for troubleshooting purposes: I HAVE downloaded the new file, but can’t get ADW Launcher EX to pull it up in my list of theme options or otherwise recognize that it’s there. Help? Thanks, –Ian

  • Michael Lawler says:

    Hi Ian,

    I am right there with you, a true die hard BUUF fan!

    A few things:

    1 – BuuF.Icon.Themes is just an icon pack…not a theme and doesn’t show up in the theme list.

    To use it you edit the icon… see if this helps, let me know: http://goo.gl/2fIrT

    Essentially: long click icon –> choose edit –> click icon image –> choose ADW icon packs –> choose buuf –> select icon, ok.

    2 – Unfortunately, Google removed ADW.BuuF.Theme from the market! Which, was the full BuuF theme for ADW and soon to be updated for Go Lancher and Launcher Pro.

    Until it gets reinstated or i figure something else out, here are some versions people ripped:


    Follow me on Google+ for the latest updates:


    I hope to get the full theme reissued, but I have yet to hear back from Google and am not sure I ever will.

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