Ambitions aside…

I have not even come close to what I intended to achieve:

Check and this site for any updates. I have learned an incredible amount which has allowed me to gain ground on those projects, but still I’m nowhere close :-(

Something which is in my skill range: Theming for ADW.Launcher and BUUF is where it’s at.  I am probably pulling an all-nighter tonight to get into it and get a lot done.

I will post updates here, but will probably have the code up on for all to poke around and give suggestions in an orderly manner.

The Android Market is the final resting place which is really cool. Thanks Ander!

It begins…

Android here I come.  I have two app ideas and two weeks vacation. Considering I’m a total newb I hope to at least get my feet wet.

Idea #1 – Accomplish the opposite of

using an Android Intent (sharing webpages) to the browser – OAuth Google account chrome plugin.

I can imagine much more with this – sending to other shares and devices, but I am being realistic ;).

Idea #2 – Completely unrealistic, but I am ambitious and excited about the possibilities; a simple Android remote for my Celestron NexStar GoTo Telescope.

My plan is to build up searchable lists – of the planets and their moons, stars, NGC, Messier (hopefully satellites and comets) – and have those sent to the telescope making it GoTo the requested object in the sky.  The way I will attempt this is by communicating the sent Android selections to Stellarium and then the telescope. Luckily Stellarium has gotten support for Celestron and NexStar GoTo telescopes.

Lots of unfortunately’s:

I have not coded Java, XML or virtually anything else; ASCOM has no Linux love; I have not even begun to understand what it takes to communicate with Stellarium; utilize Bluetooth; write a Stellarium-side plugin; I’m already half way through my first week of vacation.

I would love to see the power of Stellarium come to Android somehow or see Google someday opensource their Google SkyMap so I could potentially merge the telescope control with an augmented reality star-finder and gorgeous graphical interface.

Hello Android!

Welcome to my Android WordPress. I am a self-teacher and am excited to be teaching myself Java and the Android ins and outs. I have been a technologist for life, but never a programmer per se – no proficiency in any language. I, of course, benefit from the open-source community and appreciate all the examples that have guided all of my “self-teachings”. Also, 1up for Google for making all information I have ever needed ready at hand.