Attempting some Android programming

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  • Stephan says:

    Strong Android The green power

  • Orgah says:

    first of all please forgive me my bad english ^^
    i just one question i saw your launcher theme for mutilple android launcher and i find them EPIC but the second i saw specific icons i realiste that you must be the same person how made my most favorite PS3 theme… i found it in the internet (where else^^ ) under the name Booouuuhh and its just impressiv but as much as i look i can’t find the backround image so my question is can you send it to me? would be awesome 🙂

    Greetings Orgah aka Dat Raik

  • Michael Lawler says:

    Hi, I am not the same person. I only buufed up Android and Chrome. Everyone else did their own thing with it, and don’t forget the original:


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